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There is a trend catching up in the Urban to decorate their homes with comfy furniture to add look and style to their living spaces. The up raise of the economical status of Indian middle class income group has led to a mammoth increase in demand for Chic furniture. There exists a huge market for different types of furniture in India which is encouraging many international furniture manufacturing firms to set up a base in India.

At INSCAPE we are dealers in furniture which is imported from various corners of the globe to suit individual demand and meet the customer’s expectation. We as Furniture dealers are catering to the needs of urban middle class for stylish homes in compact apartments. We mostly uses wood as a raw material for the home segment, while the organized sector produces wooden, metal and plastic furniture mainly for office use. Increasingly,NILKAMAL moulded plastic furniture, iron furniture, board furniture and even bamboo are gaining in popularity and we do deal in supplying this for our customers. We focus on giving unique design range and our construction models reflect green building principles related to energy efficiency and improved air quality.

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International furniture makers are increasing their presence in the choice of Indian buyers and we have great deal of tie ups with most of them. We follow the main design rules to give a small living room furniture to the arrangements are no different than in a large room.

We even deal with accessories which are like the icing on the cake - the touches that transform a space into a unique and personal reflection of its inhabitants.

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